Criminal Cases

We handle all levels of criminal cases, from low-level misdemeanor cases (like shoplifting or driving under the influence) and serious cases, like drug trafficking and aggravated assault. We can assist with probation violation charges, as well as setting-aside (Arizona’s version of “expungement”) of certain convictions.

We will defend your case and seek pursue the best possible outcome.  Meaningfully, you will receive personal service from our two attorneys, who will attend court with you and know about your case; not send an entry-level attorney or an attorney who is not familiar with your case.


Silva and Fontes attorneys can defend you as you face criminal charges in municipal, state and federal courts in the greater Phoenix area.

Immigrants facing Criminal Charges and Immigrants with Criminal Convictions

Every person charged with a crime is subject to penalties by the court, including jail/prison time, probation, fees, counseling and other requirements.  Every defendant is concerned how his or her life will be affected after a conviction: “Will I have to go to jail? Will I  be able to keep my job?  Driver’s license? Will I have a probation officer?  Face drug testing?”  All these are legitimate questions that we can address.  But immigrants face additional uncertainties, many time more serious than the penalties faced by the criminal court judge: “Will I be deported?  Will I be separated from my family?  Will I face additional detention? Am I eligible for a visa now?” We can help you answer these questions to bring you answers and provide peace of mind.

Silva and Fontes strive to give you an honest opinion on your criminal and immigration cases, so you can make the best decisions for yourself and your family.